Why seek donations

The website has always been run by me. From website architecture to data sharing, from technical maintenance to expansion and update. For this platform, I expect to maintain its quality and efficient access:

1. Although I personally keep the website cost thrifty, the website needs funds to maintain its development and operation.

2. I also hope to support more netizens to participate in the revision of the resource introduction, so as to ensure that the content of the website is more detailed and accurate.

Where is your donation going

Server: in order to ensure the efficient operation of the website and data collection, we need several efficient servers to support( About 60% of expenditure)

CDN: in order to improve the visiting experience of users in various regions, the website uses CDN service( About 17% of expenditure)

Domain name: we use the secondary domain name of org (about 1% of the expenses)

Internet services: in order to facilitate the usage habits and data storage of different users, we use more cloud and member services (about 7% of the expenditure)

Other expenses: including some active equipment, backup system, etc. (about 15% of the expenses)

Donation method


If you want to help improve our communication efficiency and realize our vision, you can donate our website project. If everyone who reads this article can donate a little, then our vision may come true soon. But not everyone has the heart to help us. It doesn't matter. The right amount of help will make us grow up gradually. Maybe growing up is a healthier growth.

Matters needing attention

1. Please donate according to your own situation. In principle, it is not recommended to donate too much.

2. Although we need money to maintain and upgrade the server, I personally decline the donation from the students.