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Europe trip: Vatican City

There was endless curiosity about the country before going to the Vatican. What's the point of a country with the smallest territory and the smallest population? When I actually set foot on Vatican territory, I was shocked and moved by what was going on here. This is the center of Catholicism all over the world. In the Kingdom of God, the most frequent action is to look up, and even if you have no religious faith, you will be swept away and overwhelmed by the power of religion. After the tour, I sighed: "Here is worth to become an independent country, even if the area is small!"

St. Peter's Square was designed by the famous Italian architect and sculptor Bernini in 1656 and took 11 years to build. The square is oval, the ground is paved with small black square stones. The two sides are surrounded by two semicircular marble colonnades. These two groups of colonnades are the decorative buildings of the square, which are composed of 284 columns and 88 square columns in four rows, forming three corridors. The columns are 18 meters high. On the top of each column is a marble statue.

An obelisk stands in the square. Roman emperors were very fond of obelisks, one after another from ancient Egypt shipped 11, the Vatican was transported to Rome in A.D. 37, it is said that the original Roman emperor Caligula to decorate the square next to the palace erected, in 1586, Pope Sistine V ordered the stone tablet moved to St. Peter's Square.
The obelisk in St. Peter's Square

To the west of the square is the core of the Vatican: St. Peter's Basilica. The Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano, which Michelangelo helped design, is the largest Catholic church in the world. The church is named after St. Peter, the leader of the disciples of Jesus. Peter's name is Jesus, which means "the rock," meaning that he will be the foundation of the church. After Jesus ascended to heaven, Peter preached as Jesus' heir and was killed by Emperor Nero in Rome in 64 AD. Peter was martyred and was honored as the first Pope, and all subsequent popes, as the successors of St. Peter, were regarded as the living representatives of Christ.

There are five doors leading from the front porch to the nave. From right to left they are: the Portal of Holy Things, the Portal of Sacraments, the Portal of Middle Things, the Portal of Good and Evil, and the Portal of Death. Visitors usually enter through the middle gate, and the Holy Gate at the end is the most precious. The door, which is only opened every 25 years or on special occasions, is opened by the Pope himself on Christmas Eve and leads the way into the sanctuary. The last time the doors were opened was in 2000. It was supposed to reopen in 2025, but on December 8, 2015, Pope Francis opened the doors of St. Peter's Basilica and officially opened the Jubilee of Mercy at a mass in St. Peter's Square to celebrate the virgin virgin. The opening of the Holy Doors will continue until the end of Christ the King's Day, November 20, 2016. So we were very fortunate to enter the cathedral through the Holy Portal.

After entering the church from the right, look up and look up. The interior of the church ceiling sculpture is very exquisite, the whole tawny top surface is full of three-dimensional patterns and patterns, its delicate and exquisite degree is amazing. A small chapel on the right houses one of the church's three treasures: Michelangelo's Pieta (" Mourning Christ "). The theme of the work is taken from the biblical story of Christ Jesus was captured by the Jewish governor and nailed to the cross after the scene of the Virgin Mary holding Christ's body crying. A kind of grief and sorrow, but can not violate the will of God, grief and obedience blend in the work is depicted very vivid. Here the image of the young and beautiful, gentle, expression is silent and complicated, actually is a kind of helpless grief, profoundly embodies a kind of human nature, or the emotions alternating with the divine, it has greatly exceeded the content of the Christian faith contains, permeated with the most lofty love the greatest human feelings. Michelangelo was only 24 years old when he created the sculpture, and it is the only work he signed.

Continue walking slowly to the great hall of the church. The grandeur of the hall is amazing. The tall stone columns and walls, the arched roof, colorful patterns, lifelike statues, exquisite and detailed reliefs, and the colored marble floor shines brightly. Its luxury and magnificence really make people jaw-dropping. The hall is full of visitors, but still quiet and solemn, without any redundant noise, grand, high hall, as if the deep sea. Standing in the hall, I felt so small.

The dome in the center of the hall is Michelangelo's masterpiece, double structure, dark outside and bright inside. The dome is 42 meters in diameter and 120 meters above the ground. A beam of sunlight shines into the temple from the dome, adding a mysterious color to the solemn and dark church. The dome seems to be the door to heaven. I looked up in awe, and it felt like heaven was the closest I could get to it. Beneath the dome are the bronze canopies designed by Bernini and the throne of St. Peter. Bronze canopy supported by four pillar of gorgeous spiral copper, cylinder to carve the twining vine branches, branches carved with many small angel, a giant at the top of the canopy, beautiful angel in hover around, canopy in front of the circular railing ever-burning lamps lit the lamp 99 forever, and below is the tomb of altar and st. Peter's, only the Pope can be on the altar, Celebrate Mass in the presence of pilgrims.
The dome of St. Peter's Basilica, the bronze canopy, the throne of St. Peter

St. Peter's Basilica is not only a church, but also a museum containing many treasures and treasures. You can see the niches, statues and mausoleums of most of the popes of the past dynasties, as well as a large number of murals with religious themes. They are sacred to worshippers and works of art to be appreciated.

Coming out of the church, on the left side of the church, there are specially uniformed guards, said to be the Swiss papal guard. The papal guard's dress was designed by Michelangelo and is still used today. On May 6, 1527, the troops of Charles V of the Carolingian dynasty slaughtered the city of Rome. The rest of the papal guard fled, but the Swiss stood firm. 147 Swiss soldiers gave their last drop of blood to defend the Pope. The Swiss had won the trust and appreciation of the Holy See for their loyalty and bravery to their masters, and the Pope decided to hire Swiss guards to guard the church from generation to generation.

Less than two hours to visit the world's smallest country, but left the most impressive.
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