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Free Expedia Gold Card membership

Expedia, the online hotel booking platform, is one of the largest travel agencies in the world, and the more familiar is one of its subsidiaries. The most famous is probably the annual Big Five, where one of our readers has won a $500 no-entry voucher.
Free Expedia Gold Card membership

Expedia also has its own membership program:

The silver card

Stay for 7 nights or spend up to £5,000 per year, including exclusive hotel perks and a VIP call line

The gold card

Stay for 15 nights or spend up to £10,000 per year, and upgrade the exclusive hotel room type based on your silver card interest

There is also a points system, which can be used as a voucher for future reservations, but I won't go into that. The "exclusive hotels" are individual hotels that have a special relationship with Expedia. The hotels that show VIP Access in the search results are:

For specific interests, here are some examples:

Welcome Beverages at Yi Tung Hotel Hong Kong

25% off food and beverage at Millennium New World Hotel Hong Kong

Free wine at Dorsett City Hotel, London

Full English breakfast for two at The Cavendish, London

Dakota Edinburgh Single Full English Breakfast

Since it's a one-on-one partnership and the hotel pays Expedia out of its own pocket to build customer loyalty, the number of hotels participating is small (especially within China). And the so-called rights and interests of most of the chicken ribs, of course, in addition to there is a room type upgrade is separate.

Expedia has a partnership with HSBC in the UK that allows cardholders of the HSBC Premium credit card

Helicopter Expedia Gold Card

Enjoy 10% discount on reservation (Minimum 2 nights stay, except international chain hotels)

The first six digits of the credit card number should be provided, and the old users can log in directly. Otherwise, a new account should be created. Clicking Claim Offer will increase the gold card in seconds. The card will be valid for one year, after which you must register again. As you only need to verify the first six digits, so it does not correspond to each card, quietly tell you that you are interested in using the 519958 activation.

Note that Expedia has a different international site in each country. The 10% discount and gold card benefits are available only when booked in the UK, but are the same for hotels covered by all international sites.

Third party platforms like Expedia may not have a large target audience among our readers. Simply put, they are suitable for those who occasionally stay in hotels or go to a lot of places that no other chain can cover. Or maybe you just can't be bothered to study a frequent-flier program and prefer the simplest option, since Expedia has more hotels than all the other chains combined.

As for the actual rights and interests of the gold card depends on whether each hotel is kind or not, and there is no fixed number, some readers reflect that some generous hotels often send free breakfast and room upgrade; But at least it's a 10% discount all the year round.
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