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What are the cat snacks? What are the cat's favorite snacks

If you want to keep your cat well, you can't have snacks. It is not that snacks are nutritious, but snacks can be used as an auxiliary, which can help cats adjust their diet taste and can also be used as a reward for domesticating cats.

So what are some of the common cat snacks?

1. meat: cats raised in the family are basically fed dry food for cats. When there is time, they can go to the supermarket to buy some meat, cut them to the cat for food, or make them into dried meat and freeze-dried, which can be used as small snacks. The meat that suits cat commonly includes chicken, beef, duck, fish, etc.

Chicken fat content is low, cats eat not easy to fat; Beef is rich in taurine, which is a necessary element for cats, and also rich in zinc, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements; Duck meat protein absorption ability is strong, but also rich in all heart good niacin; Fish are rich in protein and rich in fatty acids. These meat are good for cats.

2. canned cat

Cat can is more convenient, can be bought to open the lid can be eaten for cats, lazy people must. Some good cat cans are rich in protein and plenty of water. This is a better indirect way to replenish water for cats who don't like to drink water. Cat can is wet food, should eat as soon as possible, avoid being contaminated by bacteria corruption.

3. cat biscuit

4. menthol

Cat mint can make cats feel happy. Cats who eat them will be excited, exercise volume increases and performance is high. Whether there are side effects on cats, in addition to exciting cats, can also adjust the cat's stomach and intestine, promote the absorption of food.

5. catkins

Cats can grow their own, or buy a pot online. It can help cats regulate their intestines and stomach, and also can induce the vomiting of hair balls.

As for other hair cream, nutrition paste, toothpaste, beauty cream, etc., you can buy them if you have budget. In fact, the auxiliary effect of these things on cats is not obvious, and the IQ tax is mostly.

Recommended snacks for cats

1. buddy time favorite pet cat snack low salt cat Mint biscuit

Product introduction: this favorite low salt cat Mint biscuit is made from high quality chicken breast meat, Thai deep sea tuna and natural cat mint. It is reasonable in proportion and healthy in nutrition. It can ensure the healthy heart and vision of cats by adding taurine and vitamin, which can help to lighten hair. Cat mint can increase the peristalsis of cat intestines and stomach, And help remove the hair ball. Specification: 50g.

2. K9 pet snack cat biscuit

What brand is cat snack

1. MFD myfoodie

Brand introduction: the pet food group Co., Ltd. is a well-known pet food brand. Mcfadi was founded in 2006, specializing in the production of dog cat dry food, drying and freeze-dried snacks, wet food cans, chewing gum, tooth cleaning bone and a variety of innovative products of large pet food brands.

2. Paddy Time
What are the cat snacks? What are the cat's favorite snacks

Brand introduction: paddy time is from Australia, adhering to the consistent persistence of Australia, using pure natural stone without artificial and artificial additives, and carefully prepared pet food with the formula and strict production control developed by the center of paddy time laboratory in Australia, and taking care of your baby's healthy growth.

3. naughty wanpy

Brand introduction: founded in 1998, Yantai zhongpet Food Co., Ltd. is a pet brand. Wanpy was founded by Mr. haozhongli. Its popular products include canned chicken for naughty dogs, dog food for naughty small dogs, and muscle dog head rolls for naughty dogs.
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