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Tokyo Olympic Games, what's the epidemic situation like in Japan?

Since the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the situation of COVID-19 in Japan has attracted much attention.

Three cases in Olympic village have been isolated

According to the statistics of Japan Broadcasting Association TV station, Tokyo, which is one of the three metropolitan areas, has 727 new confirmed cases, with a daily increase of more than 1000 cases for five consecutive days.
Tokyo Olympic Games, what's the epidemic situation like in Japan?

Affected by fluctuations in the number of tests, the number of confirmed cases reported in Japan every week is often small. In addition, the number of newly diagnosed cases in Tokyo for 30 consecutive days exceeded the same day last week.

The Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG) has announced every day from July 1 that the Olympic Games related personnel have been confirmed to be infected with the new crown. About 60 Tokyo Olympic Games related personnel confirmed.

Among them, two men's football players of the South African delegation were diagnosed, which is the first time that athletes living in the Olympic village have been infected. One of their team members was confirmed, the first confirmed case in the Olympic village. The three confirmed people have been transferred to the hotel outside the Olympic Village for isolation, and another 21 people have been identified as close contacts.

According to Kyodo news agency, there are about 10000 athletes going to Japan for the Tokyo Olympic Games, and about 41000 other participants. To prevent and control the outbreak, the organizers asked all the participants to do COVID-19 screening every day. The maximum daily sample size was 50 thousand to 60 thousand copies.

For the sake of epidemic prevention, all competitions in Tokyo, Hokkaido and Fukushima Prefecture will be held empty. There are only three venues for cycling and football, which allow spectators to watch the game on the spot.

Japanese experts call for a reduction in the flow of people.

Shigeru Omi, head of COVID-19 expert group of Japan government, called on people to watch the games at home during the Olympic Games in July 16th, so as to avoid crossing the activities of Du Du Fu County and avoid long time meals.

Tokyo has implemented a state of emergency for epidemic prevention from July 12 to August 22, covering the Tokyo Olympic Games from July 23 to August 8. This is the fourth emergency in Tokyo since the outbreak.

Japan's minister of health, labor and welfare, Kenzo Tamura, recently admitted that the Tokyo Metropolitan State of emergency has weakened its effect on controlling the flow of people. For example, although the government requires restaurants to stay open until 8 p.m. during the state of emergency, some restaurants are still full after 10 p.m.
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