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How to choose children's schoolbags ?

 What do you value in choosing schoolbags?

1. The function of spine protection should be possessed

School age children are in the stage of growth and development, should try to use the schoolbag with spine protection function design. Clinical investigation found that there are two main reasons for chest, one is carrying too heavy schoolbag for a long time, and the other is some bad posture in life, such as sitting askew and prone for a long time. If the schoolbag lacks spine protection function, and parents also lack professional guidance, it is easy to bring damage to the child's spine.
How to choose children's schoolbags?

So the backpack system is very important, its quality can directly affect the child's spine health. What is a good backpacking system?

1) Back of schoolbag: the design of the back should fit the lines of children's back, conform to the natural shape and movement characteristics of the human spine, and can reduce the discomfort caused by the heavy load for children. While not hindering the activities of the head and trunk, the gravity of the backpack is better dispersed in all parts of the back.

2) Shoulder strap of schoolbag: the shoulder strap should not be too thin, it should fit the shoulder curve, so that the shoulder strap can separate gravity, will not strangle the shoulder, and the child's shoulder will be more comfortable. A good spine protection schoolbag can reduce the shoulder pressure by 35% compared with the general schoolbag, and effectively prevent spinal curvature.

3) Bag belt and chest belt: the belt and chest belt can fix the bag at the waist and back, prevent the bag from swinging, and reduce the pressure on the spine and shoulder.

2. The size should be suitable

When buying a schoolbag, it should be in line with the height of the child, not greedy. The area of the schoolbag pasted on the back of the child should not exceed 3 / 4, so as to prevent "the bag is not fit".

The main sizes of four types of schoolbags and the scope of application of students' height the main sizes of four types of schoolbags and the scope of application of students' height

3. Light weight

Too heavy schoolbags can overload the children's back. In light, the children will suffer from backache and unstable walking center. In heavy cases, the children's spine and muscles will be oppressed and injured, forming a bad walking posture.

So when choosing a schoolbag, try to choose one with lighter weight, which will greatly reduce the child's physical burden. Otherwise, a schoolbag with heavy weight, plus books, water bottles, pencil boxes, etc., will make the child's small backbone unbearable.

4. The material should be safe

Bag material to be safe, no smell, no formaldehyde, no harmful residue is the most basic requirement. In addition to the safety of the material, the fabric is wearable and breathable.

5. Interior space design should be reasonable

The internal space division of schoolbags should be reasonable. Children can put books, stationery and daily necessities in different categories. Neat and orderly schoolbags not only make it more convenient to pick up things, but also cultivate children's ability of storage and sorting and develop good living habits.

6. Reflective materials should be equipped with

The schoolbag needs to be equipped with reflective materials. At the front and side of the schoolbag, it should be equipped with reflective materials at least 20 mm wide and 50 mm long. The shoulder strap should be equipped with reflective materials at least 20 mm wide and 50 mm long. This will ensure that children walking in the evening, cloudy days and other bad weather, so that students walking on the road can be more easily identified, timely remind driving vehicles, and ensure the safety of children's travel.

7. Personalized design

Schoolbags are for children, so the design should be attractive. Try to choose children's favorite colors and patterns, which are in line with children's psychological development characteristics. Schoolbags with high appearance value will make children love them more.

My bag of choice

My demand is to buy a schoolbag with light weight and good spine protection function. After several choices, the owner finally chose GMT for kids football lion children's schoolbag.
GMT for Kids

1. Product appearance

The package of the schoolbag is mainly white, with a colorful logo in the middle, which is fresh and lovely.

After opening the package, the cool schoolbag came into view. Because my nephew likes playing football, so I bought the style of lion football. This bag is square and three-dimensional. It's worth mentioning that when you open the package, you can't smell any pungent smell. It's understood that this schoolbag uses non-toxic and harmless environmental protection materials. It has passed the EU reach environmental protection certification and is made of environmentally friendly skin friendly materials, which makes people feel at ease.

The whole bag is made of lightweight material. The weight of the bag is only 750g. The concept of 750g is the weight of two apples, which reduces the burden of children from the foundation. The exterior fabric of the schoolbag is made of high-strength waterproof and oil resistant fabric. The owner also specially checked the antifouling index of this schoolbag: water splashing proof grade 4-5, antifouling grade 4 and oil proofing grade 6.

2. Spine protection function

I choose this bag, the most touching part is its spine protection function. GMT for kids football lion children's schoolbag, the back is a back plate for spine protection, adopts S-shaped three-dimensional arc design, fits the children's back line, when the child carries the schoolbag, it can support the child's spine, lumbar spine and caudal spine, and can continuously and effectively disperse the pressure on the child's spine.

From the side view, it can clearly see the S-shaped three-dimensional radian. This design distributes the force to both sides, protects the child's spine and prevents the overstock of the schoolbag.

The surface of the back plate is made of soft and breathable fabric. Do you see the gullies around the back plate of the schoolbag? It's a specially added four-way air guide slot. Its function lies in timely cooling, keep the child's back dry. In addition, the bag adopts the integrated molding process and ultra-high elastic materials, which can well maintain the curvature and shape of the back structure, without deformation for a long time.
How to choose children's schoolbags ?

In terms of shoulder strap, the owner pressed it with his hand, which is elastic. According to the details of the goods, the shoulder strap of this schoolbag is made of high-density rebound sponge. Slow rebound performance, can fit the child's shoulder curve, so that the child will not feel the shoulder, more comfortable.

The schoolbag also has a chest buckle. The chest buckle can be adjusted according to the height. After the buckle, the schoolbag can be fixed on the back. In this way, the naughty boy is not afraid that the shoulder strap will slip no matter how he runs.
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