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Why don't I recommend AJ35?

The main character of this video is Nike's leading product AJ35, the annual flagship of AJ series. This time, we will take it to the court.

I've seen countless replies saying that AJ35 and AJ13 have a lot in common? Why do you say that? Because it seems that there are a lot of AJ13 shadows on its body, whether it is seen or worn, so this time we will start with AJ13.

Such as like as two peas and a shoe inside, is this shape exactly the same as AJ13? And AJ35 also uses as like as two peas of AJ13! Is that the case? In addition to modeling, AJ35's leather matching has the same idea as AJ13's.

Aj35's leather upper is not the product of this era. It has excellent texture and good fit. However, the problem with this leather upper is that after many times of collision and friction with the foot, irrecoverable deformation and looseness will occur. After loosening, the wrapping strength of the shoe to the foot will decrease significantly.

This is a common point of aj35 and aj13! But I think that was acceptable in 1998. But in 2021, it seems impossible.
Why don't I recommend AJ35?
Add a word: looking at the development history of Nike vamp materials in the past 20 years, we can find that the pure leather vamp of aj13 encountered the problem of looseness more than 20 years ago; More than 10 years ago, although the kobe5 is a plastic upper, its toughness and durability are very stable; Today's Woven uppers, such as the kobe9, are woven with multiple layers of different densities of thread to achieve firm support, but also bring a certain degree of toughness and elasticity.

Back to aj35, my point is, there's no doubt that there are better and more advanced options than leather in Nike Arsenal. Even the aj31, which pays homage to aj1, uses a woven upper in the forefoot, so why is the newer and more cutting-edge aj35 so designed?

Next, let's talk about the second big aspect, the significance of paying homage to aj5. There is an old saying to say, to leave its essence to its dregs, but the 35 body is to go to its essence and leave its dross.

Aj35's homage to aj5 is the most superficial one. The soul of aj5 is Mustang fighter, while aj35 is designed as a tank?! The so-called salute only follows the heel shape of aj5 generation.

In actual combat, aj35 heel top Achilles tendon! Especially when you do some very conventional lateral movements, the bulges on both sides will push up to the Achilles tendon, which is a very unpleasant experience.
The third big aspect is the mid bottom of aj35. To be fucking great, this middle bottom has its own bull's edge, such as the combination of lateral support and rollover prevention. I think it's awesome. Taking anti rollover as an example, this paper re emphasizes the three anti rollover elements of xcin, which is summed up in combination with conventional shoe design.

Aj35's design of the middle sole and reinforcement basically realizes the combination of the middle sole, which is the second of the three elements of anti rollover, and the need of anti rollover design. It's similar to nextlevel, which directly controls your whole foot.

In fact, in the past, the core of the three elements of anti rollover was whether the center of gravity of the whole shoe would incline to the outside to a greater extent when your foot was moving horizontally. The larger the inclination, the more the deviation, the stronger the hidden danger of anti rollover. And aj35 and NL are the kind of direct shoe body can control your feet, do not let the foot have a larger offset, so their anti rollover is no problem.

At the same time, aj35 is more centered than aj34. At the same time, you can take a look at our actual combat materials. When moving horizontally, the surrounding area of the reinforcement on the hollow out of the middle sole is obviously deformed. These deformations can be understood as serving for the stability of your feet. I personally think this structural thinking is very desirable.

The second advantage I think is the same as aj34, that is, the weight will be reduced after removing the middle sole. In fact, in last year's aj34 actual combat evaluation, I talked about the thinking and Prospect of hollow design.

There is no doubt that aj35 has more forms to remove the middle sole. However, the vamp and shoe body are not so perfect, which leads to the weight increase. However, the data of 426 G is also effective. If there is no such design, you can refer to the similar aj13, which weighs 460 G.

Summary of advantages: hollow design ideas bring more, stronger and more extreme forms, but this advantage is still derived from the concept that has not yet been realized.
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Why don't I recommend AJ35?

Why don't I recommend AJ35?

The main character of this video is Nike's leading product AJ35, the annual flagship of AJ series. This time, we will take it to the court....

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