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How to add watermark automatically for photos uploaded to Flickr

In order to promote the blog, I am used to adding watermarks to photos uploaded to Flickr. General users may choose the batch watermark adding function of the light and shadow magic hand, that is, in the menu bar of the light and shadow magic hand, click "file" - "batch" - "automatic processing" in turn, add the common action "text signature" here, and then set up the relevant settings to add watermark for multiple photos at one time.

But in this case, it is troublesome to re output all the processed photos and delete them locally after uploading. So I've been looking for a way to automatically watermark photos while uploading them to Flickr. Some time ago, I found an online watermarking website named picmarkr. I think it's very good. I can upload files and choose the way to add watermarks. After that, the website can automatically upload watermarks to Flickr. However, because it's online, I can only upload 5 photos at a time, so it's still troublesome.

Today, I suddenly found out that the website has launched a software based on Windows system, named picmarkr pro. The current version number is 1.0. With this software, we can get rid of the restriction of uploading 5 pieces each time, easily add watermarks in batches and upload them to Flickr automatically.

Through picmarkr Pro software, we can add text / image watermark to the image or add transparent background with other images tiled. Users can upload images locally or grab images from Flickr to add watermarks. The text content and images of watermarks can be set or added by themselves. The location of watermarks can also be adjusted at will. In addition, tiled watermark can be selected as a transparent background composed of images and other images. In addition, it supports batch operation, including batch watermark, batch photo size adjustment and batch upload.

The specific operation method is to open the software and select the photos you need to process in import / edit images. You can select from computer to import the photos you need to process from the computer, or from Flickr to import the photos from your Flickr account. Here, you can also select "rotate CCW" and "rotate CW" to rotate and flip photos, or you can batch adjust the size of photos through "reset selected". Of course, you must remember to point "secect all" or press and hold the CTRL key to batch select photos (the selected photos are displayed with pink border).

Next, click "add watermark" at the top. If you find that you can only see part of the photo, you can select "fit to windows" at the bottom of the photo to see the complete photo. Next, on the left side, you can choose to add text watermark, image watermark or tiled watermark to the photo. You can select and debug the specific parameters, which are not introduced here.

After debugging the watermark, click "apply to selected images" in the lower left corner to apply the settings to all photos. In this way, the watermark is added well. Finally, click "save / upload" at the top, you can choose to save the added watermark to the local hard disk (save to disk). Of course, we usually upload it to flickcr (upload to Flickr). After clicking upload to flikcr, a prompt box will be displayed on the left, where you can enter the title, description and label of the photo, select the photo set to upload to, and finally click "upload photos".

Of course, the premise of uploading to Flickr is to click "login in" in the upper right corner of the software and log in to your Flickr account for application authorization. In addition, if you download picmarkr pro from the official website, you will find that when adding watermarks, the software will automatically add the tile watermark of picmarkr, because this is a shared software, and you need to pay $39 to use it freely. Of course, since we want to watermark our photos, we can't tolerate other watermarks. So Sophia found a cracked version of picmarkr Pro ver 1.0 for you. There is no difference between the cracked version and the original version. You will be prompted to buy it after opening it. But you just need to click try picmarkr pro.
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