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Marriott member day in July, 5000 points for each stay

Marriott's membership day in July started again, which is not different from last month. The reservation time is from July 8 to 10, and the check-in deadline is August 7.
Marriott member day in July, 5000 points for each stay

[2000 / 5000 points per stay]

As in previous months, the core of this activity is the "5000 points":

Book luxury brand hotels (Ritz Carlton, Reggie, W, Addison, Luxury Collection) and get 5000 points each time

Free 2000 points for booking other brand hotels

The activity code is e0s. Note that only elite members can see the special activity price after logging in, and the specific bonus points are subject to the text in the price details.

The price is the same as the optimal flexible price, which is slightly higher than the membership price; Then it's "every stay" instead of "every night", so it's better to stay for a single night. In addition to the membership day, some hotels will release the room rate with bonus points for a long time, which can be queried by using the code M12.

[other activities]

There are a series of other activities, but they are of little significance

Book the specified package and enjoy the consumption quota of 200 yuan to 500 yuan. The code is MRP

Pay extra points or cash to get the upgraded room type: it's not a promotion, but you can book a more advanced room type when you exchange points for hotels

Double points for catering booking with small program

Marriott boutique can enjoy 20% discount on bedding.
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